WordPress Corporate Training

We not only design websites to grow a business we also create employees to work there.
We provide trainings for students to develop their IT skillls and get knowlegable and skill efficient person.We provide trainings for university students to learn something new creative and professional.We need a batch of atleast 20 students to start will the training.
We provide training by showing live projects and after completion of training will provide you with the certificate.

  • Soft skill training- Soft skill training comprises of a variety of interpersonal skills and communication skills which help you to interact effectively with others.To get hired in any company or to start your own business only having knowledge is not enough your soft skills matters a lot.So, this is the significant need.
  • WordPress Corporate training- This training is mainly focused for university students. We provide you the best online classes to help you to learn WordPress installation, Configuration, set up, creation of content, managing with wordpress.You will get the practical knowledge of WordPress.This will help you master the top web content management tool WordPress. Website editing and Update training- Here you will will learn how to create an website, edit and update the website by our experts trainers.You can also create your own website after completing the training.

WordPress Training Course – CMS Web Design Complete Course  

This WordPress Training Institute Pune  by Ajay Mishra Sir 15 Years of Web Development and Digital Marketing Experience, (step-by-step learning) course will provide you the necessary skills to build, manage and run a beautiful Editable WordPress website or blog Using Plugging and WordPress themes . You can create anything from personal blogs to professional websites within a short span of time. It is also a powerful content management system (CMS). No coding is required. You will be able to design your blog/website by using the readymade WordPress templates. (read more about WordPress and Traning)

The course is designed for fresh students and it explains about WordPress installation, configuration, creating a site, adding content, images, videos, using themes, widgets, plugins, publishing the site and beyond. You get to work on a project while doing this course.

WordPress Course Key Learning (Lessons + Project)

Lesson-01 WordPress Web Development – Introduction  

  • Introduction to website development
  • Understanding WordPress Content Management System – CMS
  • Getting Started with WordPress
  • What is WordPress and its advantages

Lesson-02 WordPress Installation and Hosting

  • Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting
  • Difference between Self Hosting and Free Cloud Hosting
  • Downloading and Uploading WordPress to your host
  • Installing WordPress with the 5 minutes install
  • Installing WordPress manually

Lesson-03 Configuring WordPress Theme Setups 

  • Setting up WordPress
  • Download WordPress FREE themes 
  • Logging in WordPress admin area
  • Familiarise with the WordPress Dashboard
  • Editing the user profile
  • Configuring the Dashboard settings

Lesson-04 Adding WordPress site Contents  

  • Adding the right content to your WordPress site
  • About posts and pages
  • Difference between pages and posts
  • Creating pages
  • Organising page hierarchy
  • Creating a static front page

Lesson-05 Learn Blogging – WordPress Contents  

  • Blogging with WordPress
  • Creating posts
  • Text formatting in a new post
  • Creating and managing links
  • Adding Images, YouTube Videos and Audios
  • Adding an image gallery
  • Adding post categories, tags and other elements

Lesson-05 Customizing WordPress

  • Installing and activating themes
  • Exploring the themes option
  • Installing plugins and using them
  • Info about various widgets and working with them
  • Setting up custom background and header images
  • Creating custom menus and custom widgets

Lesson-06 Launching Your WordPress Site

  • Launching Your WordPress Site and After work
  • Submitting the site to search engines
  • Managing WordPress users and permission levels
  • Managing comments and controlling spam

Lesson-07 WordPress site Backup and Database Maintenance 

  • Backing up a WordPress site
  • Restoring a WordPress site from crash
  • Updating and Upgrading WordPress itself
  • Updating Plugins and Themes
  • Database Maintenance for WordPress Users
  • WP-DB Manager

Lesson-08 WordPress site SEO and Working with Social Media 

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Setup SEO Plugin (yoast for WordPress)
  • Adding social media options like facebook, twitter and many more

Final Project 

  • Setup a WordPress website for a business

Course Certification

  • Certificate of Completion will be provided after completing the course

Skills Required

  • No previous experience of Web design, HTML, CSS is required.
  • You should have basic experience using computers
  • Able to use keyboard and mouse
  • know how to create, save, move and rename files

Why learn WordPress or Web Design: An introduction-

You have thoughts, ideas, creations, and services you want to share with the world, and the web is right there at your fingertips, on your smartphone, your tablet, your computer, everywhere. Which begs the question, how do I get my content onto the web? One answer, and a good one at that, is WordPress, the free, open-source web publishing application you can use to build a blog, a website, an e-commerce store, or whatever you want.

WordPress has become the most used publishing application on the web

The goal of WordPress is to democratize publishing, and since its first release, more than 15 years ago, WordPress has become the most used publishing application on the web, powering more than 30% of the top 10 million sites in 2021. It is software developed by people like you and me to make web publishing as easy and democratic as possible. It is available in 180+ different languages and locales, creates websites anyone can access, and runs on pretty much any server, on all browsers, in any country in the world.

Chances are, if you spent more than a few minutes on the web, you’ll interface with a WordPress site, whether you know it or not. And that’s the beauty of WordPress. At its core, it is an interface between you, a database, and your visitor, making it easy for you to publish content and control how it is presented to your audience.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, famously said, “This is for everyone," when describing his creation. And this is a pretty good description of what the web is, a place where anyone and everyone can share their thoughts, ideas, creations, and services with the world. WordPress is the logical extension of that idea. The web is for everyone, and WordPress makes publishing on the web possible for us all.

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